Wayword is an exploration of distance and solitude, written on the ancient pilgrimage route Camino de Santiago.


The poems came out of a long walk I took along the Camino to Santiago, in Spain. I had been working as a news journalist in Paris for some time, and decided to walk alone for a month to experience what distance and solitude feels like outside of the hyper-connected, urban, 24-hour newscycle. The only company I had was a 22-pound (10 kg) backpack and an old copy of Poetry magazine.

As Gustav Mahler allegedly said, “if you think you are boring your audience, slow down.”

I hope I’ve slowed down just enough.

And now the chapbook is ready to pre-order from Finishing Line Press!

You can find a sneak peak here. If you like it, order the book from Finishing Line Press here. All pre-orders help immensely to increase the final print run, so thank you!

If you’re really curious, you can even listen to me reporting from the Camino for Radio France Internationale:

Praise for Wayword:

“Wayword” traces a path along the northern edge of Spain to the pilgrim’s goal of Santiago de Compostela. These lucidly observed, structurally diverse poems are tinged with quiet sexuality as well as an openness of spirit ready to lend itself to the happenstance of the road. Together they constitute a journey of awareness: of the world, of humanity, of the constancy of the body through space and time.

Linda Healey, author of Sappho: The Rewrite


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