I was thrilled to talk to Paris-based writer Janet Skeslien Charles about my upcoming poetry collection Wayword, the Camino, the importance of idleness, the weight of band-aids and tampons and much more…

An excerpt:

When you set off on [the Camino] did you know you would write about it?

Before I set off, I made a grand list of things I wanted to think about while walking: my goals in life, my fears, that kind of thing. All of that fell away on the road. What emerged was this very quiet, very clear voice that has always been there, but muffled by the noise of my everyday life in Paris. I started writing down what the voice was saying, and stopped worrying about answering high-level questions about where I was going with my life.

Read the rest on Janet Skeslien Charles’s blog.


More about Janet: Originally from Montana, Janet has been living in Paris since 1999. Her first book, Moonlight in Odessa, was chosen by Publisher’s Weekly as one of their top ten debut novels for Fall 2009 and translated into a dozen languages. Janet is currently working on her next novel.


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