A few examples of journalistic work that I’m particularly excited to share.


 A story for every house number. French local historian and collector Jean-François Plachat has spent the last quarter century collecting macabre anecdotes about his neighborhood in Montmartre. Shot, edited and voiced for Agence France Presse.

 If cut off from the rest of the world, most major European cities would be able to feed their inhabitants for no more than four days. Volunteers in the town of Todmodern in the North of England took matters into their own hands for a more sustainable future. Shot and edited for Sparknews, Impact Journalism Day.



“At one point, he too was a child” on Bonjour Solidarity blog (French and English). On witnessing police shoot a man dead in front of my living room window. January 2016.

“France After Charlie Hebdo: Seeking the Enemy Within” in The IndypendentJanuary 2015.

“Confronting Ghosts” in Foreign Policy.  France convicts a Rwandan of genocide and grapples with its own role in the horrific events of 1994. March 2014.

A single article can spark big change with Impact Journalism Day in The Times of India. The human story behind ‘impact journalism’ – the people who write it, and what their readers do next. June 2013.

“Sing. Dance. Shout” in The EuropeanA translation of an essay by Nobel laureate Elfriede Jelinek in support of Pussy Riot. Fall 2012.

“Das Verstecken der Liebe” in die tageszeitung (German) On the fate of lesbians in concentration camps during National-Socialism. February 2012.